“Ramona has a unique blend of technical brilliance, internet savvy, people skills and artistic creativity.  What really sets her apart are those qualities plus the fact that she does what she says she’s going to do!  She is 100% competent and totally reliable.”

Peter X O’Brien

“Ramona is a joy to work with: patient, precise and timely.  She knows her skills well.”

Claire Edna Hurrey

“Ramona has done a fantastic job on my web design.  The qualities that make her good are excellent composition and attention to detail.  She has the eye of an artist when it comes to composition and that helped her in the design of my art website.  Her photographic skills for color and balance show up in the color and composition of the elements in a webpage.

She brings simplicity to the page in not getting overly fussy and also in keeping the viewer from getting lost.  This is not easy when you try to get all the information in and organized.

She used the same skills in my massage website and is a good editor to boot.  I highly recommend her as more than your average web mechanic.”

Bill Kent

“Since I’m a man of few words all I can say is “She’s the best”.”

Daniel Miller

“Ramona makes creating your website nearly painless.  She is easy to work with, has excellent ideas and most of all listens to your needs.  Check out her list of websites and I think you’ll like what you see.”

Jane McClenney