My much loved Billie-Bob & the inspiration for the logo

My name is Ramona Bowman and I’d like to thank you for stopping by and visiting Rise & Shine by Design. I’m a one-woman team who has always loved design and composition, whether it involves my life-long love of photography, laying something out for print or more recently, the creation of websites.

I started building websites many years ago and built my first site completely with HTML.  Thankfully that isn’t much necessary these days, but I’m so grateful to have the HTML background.  It still comes in handy now and then.

When tackling a website project I always have two goals.  (A) The site must look attractive & professional and (B) it must be easy to navigate.  Nothing infuriates me like a poorly designed site. In fact it’s the main reason I decided to get into this business.  I’m astounded at how many so-called professional sites are difficult to move around in or don’t function properly.

In addition to creating websites, I also provide affordable hosting services.  I’ve designed brochures, logos, business cards and marketing newsletters.   I love, love, love working with clients, combining our ideas and pulling it all together.

I can promise you an attractive, worry-free site.  One that can be easily maintained, as well as easy on the budget.

If you’d like a free phone consultation, please drop me an email and we can setup a time.